Hello, everybody! My name is Mandy.

After growing up in a small Canadian town, I moved to Toronto to go to school and never looked back.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of smells in the big city and I was not having any of it. I was used to the clean country air and was determined to do as much as I can to keep my home and car smelling fresh.

As my family grew, and my beautiful, wonderful, children were born, my priorities shifted. I absolutely love being a mom, and I absolutely love keeping our home clean and fresh.

Over the years I have learned lots of tips and tricks that I was keeping in my head so I decided to get them all out. And that is how Odor Answers was born.

I created this website in the hopes of creating a community of like-minded individuals. A place where we can share our best tips and tricks for keeping our homes smelling great. Welcome to Odor Answers!

The Answer to All Your Odors