Hunting big game is a fun and exciting activity for the hunting community worldwide. With the availability of advanced hunting equipment, professional huntsmen around the world can claim higher success rates than ever before.

Regardless of the hunting terrain or animal, you are looking for, the chances of a successful hunt have grown three-fold, thanks to modern technology. However, with the arrival of the hunting season, hunters must prepare themselves before pursuing a trophy.

You must ensure that your hunting gear is working properly while replenishing the stock for the hunt. Having a scent killer in your hunting arsenal can be handy. Continue reading to find out how useful they can be.

What Is A Scent Killer?

A scent killer is a special spray that can be applied to hunting clothes to eliminate human odor effectively. When applied, a scent killer can absorb hydrogen sulfide that humans exhale while breathing. As a result, it can eradicate any human smell or any other odors that might alarm your prey. 

Most scent killers use a specialized chemical formula designed to mask the human odor, even after several days of application. Recent studies suggest that scent killers are up to 99% effective at stopping the detection of human odor.

How Long Does Scent Killer Spray Last On Your Clothes?

A high-quality scent killer can last up to 10 days on your clothes when applied, thus negating the need to spray every time you go hunting. There is no harm in giving yourself a light fresh coat every day you go out, just don’t overdo it.

What Is The Shelf Life Of A Scent Killer?

Use scent killer to mask human odor

Like any other spray, a scent killer also has a limited shelf life. But the good news is that most scent killers have a long shelf life and can last up to four years.

So, if you purchased a bottle of scent killer spray during the last year’s hunting season, it is very much usable. However, we always recommend purchasing a new bottle of scent killer each season if you want maximum efficiency.

Luckily, scent killers often have an expiration date labeled on their bottles. If you’re on a limited budget, you can look at your old bottle’s expiration date. If it hasn’t expired, it’s good to go. However, it would a fresh bottle would perform slightly better.

One thing to note is that the shelf life of a scent killer spray greatly depends on where it is stored. Because scent killer spray uses chemicals, it would only remain potent if stored in the right place.

Experts suggest that you always store scent killer bottles in a cool and dark place. Exposing a scent killer spray to extreme temperatures or intense sunlight for extended periods might reduce its potency. Even on your hunting trip, pack your scent killer spray where it is safe from weather elements.

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Scent Killer Sprays – Buying Guide

With a plethora of brands to choose from, finding a high-quality scent killer spray can be a challenge. However, by keeping certain aspects of scent killers in mind, you can ensure that you put your hands on the right one. Here are several aspects of scent killer sprays that you need to consider before buying.

Organic Ingredients

One of the major aspects to consider before buying a scent killer spray is its ingredients.

Most high-quality scent killer sprays use organic ingredients which are harmless to human skin. People suffering from skin allergies can apply organic scent killer sprays on their clothes without inducing skin allergies. Therefore, we always recommend going for an organic product rather than an artificial one.


Before buying a scent killer spray, you must ensure that it is non-detectable by the right animals. Some scent killer sprays are specifically designed to eliminate human odor from specific animals such as deer and other herbivores.

 However, carnivores can detect them as they have a heightened sense of smell. An ideal scent killer spray would not only eliminate human odor but would also ensure it catches minimum animal attention despite their strong sense of smell.


You should always check whether the scent killer sprays you purchase cause staining. Although most scent killer sprays are stain-free, some of them might leave a mark on your clothes when applied.

You should always buy a scent killer that promises a stain-free application. Checking reviews is a great way to determine this factor.

Easy to Dry

Keep an eye out for scent killer sprays that promise easy dry technology. This formulation causes the spray to dry up quickly when applied to hunting clothes without affecting operability. So, ensure that the scent killer spray you are buying doesn’t leave you with damp clothes as it can be uncomfortable.


A scent killer spray must have a long-lasting effect when applied. Since you cannot specify how much time you will spend hunting, a product that delivers long-lasting operations is desirable. It also saves you from the hassle of constant reapplication.

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Scent Killer Smell FAQ

How can you tell whether you need a new scent killer?

If you are unsure whether you can use your old scent killer spray, it is ideal that you inspect its bottle. If the bottle shows signs of discoloration, jazzy odor, or murky liquid, you are better off purchasing a new one.

Do scent killer sprays expire?

Like any other spray, scent killer sprays have an expiration date. A scent killer can last up to 3 to 4 years on average. However, scent killer sprays do lose their effectiveness over time, so it is always better to buy a new one.

Can I make my own scent killer?

While a homemade scent killer will save you a few dollars it will generally offer weaker protection to cover scents than a brand-name product.

Is scent killer gold worth it?

Scent killer gold works similarly to any other scent killer spray. The only difference is that it will last longer on your hunting clothes than a conventional scent killer. So, considering it has a longer work life, it is more suitable for extended hunting sessions.

Use scent killer to catch a buck

The Bottom Line On Scent Killer Spray

Scent killer sprays are a must-have for professional hunters. Their ability to control human odor is an excellent strategy for hunting. 

However, be mindful that these scent killers have a limited lifespan and are only suitable for a set number of uses. If you observe anything odd or funky about your scent killer spray, it’s time to buy a new one.

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