A good deodorant should be the first thing on your mind when you get ready for your day or night out. It should never be the last (remember the last time you forgot to put it on).

Combing your hair, trimming your beard, wearing the perfect shirt to match your shoes. These are the types of decisions that any stylish man thinks about when they think of their image and appeal. But, have you ever stopped to think about everything that your deodorant says about you?

Don’t ever make the mistake of thinking that your choice of deodorant is an inconsequential decision. The wrong deodorant can, and likely will ruin all of your hard work to be your best self possible.

In other words, not every deodorant is the same. Far from it. Case in point, the Axe brand of body sprays has elevated the concept to its ultimate manifestation: they have introduced scents that envelop your senses and leave you feeling fresh, clean, charismatic, a master of your domain.

Since its introduction to the global markets in 1983, Axe has grown and matured significantly as a brand. The brand now offers dozens of different scents in its line of body sprays, each highlighting different aspects and providing different experiences.

As a result, it can be a bit overwhelming knowing which scent is best suited to your tastes and style. Many people ask me what is the best smelling body spray, and my answer is almost always the same: it depends.

So today, I’m going to give you my take on what I consider the best scents offered by Axe, in the hopes that at least one of the products clicks with you, and encourages you to try it.

The 7 Best Smelling Axe Body Sprays

Black By Axe

Axe Black has an elegant yet non-invasive scent. The primary notes are reminiscent of fresh citrus fruit, with a slight scent of bergamot and pear merging in the background. The overall scent is reinforced by deep and mature hints of cedarwood and moss.

The resulting body spray is the perfect union between freshness and intensity. The overall profile of Axe Black is that of a “smart” scent. It is there when it’s needed but otherwise does not offend like so many scents from competing brands do.

Feel free to use Axe Black for any occasion. The scent is balanced enough that it can adapt to any situation.

Black Night By Axe

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I’ve been an avid fan of designer fragrances for many years now, and I thought I had seen it all under the sun. Black Night by Axe proved me wrong.

Black Night is one of my favorite Axe Body Spray scents for the way it manages to combine such disparate aromas into one cohesive profile that embodies the night and celebrates its untapped potential.

The smell is very difficult to describe accurately because it is such a complex blend. However, if I had to describe it in a couple of words, they would be “energizing” and “inspiring”. If you pay close attention, you will detect hints of ginger root and cardamon. Beyond that, you will find a subtle layer of fruity essences, such as pear, orange blossom, berries, and grapefruit.

However, Black Night is not too sweet, so don’t worry about cloying those around you. The scent is rounded out with some tonka bean, cedarwood, and amber.

More than one of my friends has told me that Black Night is their favorite smelling Axe body spray. It certainly puts you in a very particular mood. I would recommend this one to people who enjoy not knowing what the night holds.

Whereas Black is calm and subtle, Black Night is adventurous. It is one of the best Axe scents.

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Excite By Axe

Axe Excite Body Spray

Ann Gottlieb is one of the greatest perfumers this industry has ever seen, and hers is the nose behind our next entry.

Excite by Axe is the first truly exotic scent on this list. Like all scents by Axe, this one is complex. If I had to describe it in simple terms, I would say Excite is woodsy and spicy. The primary note here is coconut, and it is very in-your-face. So, if you are not a fan of coconutty scents, you may want to skip ahead.

However, the base layer of coconut is complemented masterfully by a combination of nutty and woodsy notes. I distinctly detect hazelnut and caramel. But the ingenious move by Ms. Gottlieb and the folks at Axe was the inclusion of spicy black pepper.

The result is a very exciting scent, no pun intended, that is highly reminiscent of Joop! Homme Wild.

While this one is not my go-to for every occasion, some situations call for exactly what Excite by Axe offers. Also, this one has gotten me the most direct compliments from female acquaintances than any other scent on this list.

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Dark Temptation by Axe

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Two of my all-time favorite perfumes for men are Invictus Victory by Paco Rabanne, and Bad Boy by Caroline Herrera. Both of these are uniquely warm and spicy scents that invigorate and excite. Dark Temptation by Axe is very reminiscent of these perfumes, but it costs a tiny fraction of the price.

This one qualifies as an Amber fragrance that features very rich sweet chocolate and vanilla accords. Its’ warm spicy quality comes from a beautiful combination that includes cherry, ginger, pear, and coriander.

A peppery undertone can be detected, and this gives the body spray a very refreshing feel that counteracts the otherwise sweet and rich aromas of the top and base layer. The latter is composed of chocolate, vanilla, whipped cream, amber, and patchouli.

Overall, this is a rich scent, so if you prefer lighter profiles it might not be for you. However, if you are looking for a body spray to insinuate your calm and self-assured nature, this is a solid choice.

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Anarchy by Axe

AXE Body Spray for Men Anarchy

This is one of the breeziest fragrances offered by Axe’s line of body sprays.

Anarchy is a sort of amalgamation of everything that makes perfumes like Jean Paul Gaultier’s Le Male and 1 Million by Paco Rabanne so great.

It’s highly luxurious, but it never overpowers nor overstays its welcome. The primary accords give impressions of woods and spicy fruits. However, this is a fresh woody spice, as opposed to a warm one.

There are some powdery lavender and blueberry overtones, which means that Anarchy is not an overly masculine scent. Those looking for a more gender-neutral profile will find some very interesting facets to this spray. Sandalwood and white amber round out the base.

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Essence by Axe

AXE Body Spray for Men, Essence, 4 oz

If you ask me to describe this scent in a few words I would say that it is predominantly green. Meaning that it is highly aromatic, fresh, slightly fruity, and slightly spicy. Think of green pine leaves or fresh-cut green apples to get the gist of what I mean.

As a result, Essence by Axe is a scent that you can wear year-round, during the day or the night. It does not offend, but it is intense enough that one quick spray across the chest is all you will need for all-day or all-night coverage.

I’ve heard this scent described as oriental, and I wouldn’t entirely disagree. There is something very tantalizing about the way it gives off light thyme and fig leaf notes. Cedarwood and some very light peppery highlights distill the essence of freshness.

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Apollo By Axe

Axe Body Spray Apollo Deodorant Body Spray

Apollo body spray is one of the best smelling body sprays sold by Axe. Of all the sprays on this list, I would probably pick this one more often than the others. You could say that this is my personal favorite.

This is a classy and sophisticated scent, that provides a crisp and refreshing feel throughout the day. 

A trained perfumer would likely say that Apollo is what is known as a Fougere fragrance, meaning that it is “fern-like”. The top notes are subtly sweet, with more volatile components underneath that give off the scents of oakmoss, cashmere, and sandalwood most of all.

Additionally, the scent has distinct notes of mandarin orange, lavender, violet, and iris. Don’t let the fruity and flowery nature of the components fool you into thinking this isn’t a masculine scent. The inclusion of sage and base amber gives it a very distinct virile and earthy profile.

If you are looking for a body spray that smells good enough to act as your main cologne or perfume, then Apollo by Axe is a solid choice.

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Axe has proven again and again that they have matured as a brand and is now capable of producing stimulating, complex, and captivating scents. It’s gotten to the point that answering which is the best smelling Axe body spray has become virtually impossible to answer. All of the available scents smell great, and just about everyone can find the perfect scent.

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