Ofada Rice is a type of traditional African rice that has been grown and enjoyed for generations. Originating from Nigeria, it is known for its unique flavor, fragrance, and nutritional value.

Unlike most commercial rice varieties, Ofada Rice is not polished rice and it is not processed, resulting in a more complex and robust taste.

Unfortunately, Ofada rice has one major downside: its smell!

You see, once harvested the rice is stored in a manner that promotes fermentation of its grains, which results in a very distinct and very pungent smell. And while some people can appreciate the earthy, nutty qualities of Ofada rice aroma, most of us would agree that it stinks badly.

Nevertheless, Ofada rice is highly nutritious and quite delicious. If you don’t like the smell of Ofada rice here is how to get rid of it so you can enjoy this wonderful Nigerian delicacy in the comfort of your own home.

Steps To Remove The Smell From Ofada Rice

To remove the smell from unpolished Ofada Rice, follow these simple steps:

  1. Wash your uncooked rice in cold water until the water runs clear
  2. Soak the uncooked rice in clean water for 30 minutes to 1 hour
  3. Rinse your rice one more time before adding it to a pot and boiling it for 10 minutes
  4. After the rice has boiled, drain and transfer it to a clean pot
  5. Add fresh water and a pinch of baking soda before stirring thoroughly
  6. Cook Ofada rice until done

Under normal circumstances, following these steps will completely remove any impurities added to the grains through the fermentation process and neutralize the pungent goat-musk smell so characteristic of Ofada rice.

Pro-Tip: Try to use aromatic ingredients in your recipe or sauce such as garlic, ginger, and onions when you cook your Ofada rice. This will fill your rice with highly aromatic and pleasant flavors while helping to mask any lingering odors that may offend you.

Wash uncooked Ofada rice in cold water

Does All Ofada Rice Smell?

Curiously enough, not all Ofada rice has the signature unique smell, and not all Ofada rice smells bad.

This is because Ofada rice gets its name from the small Ofada community in the Ogun region of Nigeria, where the vast majority of it is produced. This means that different strains of rice or even different species altogether can be called Ofada rice.

For example, a type of Ofada rice that comes from Abakaliki in Southern Nigeria is prepared for consumption using an entirely different method than most other strains, resulting in a grain that is significantly less aromatic and less stinky.

Pro-Tip: the whiter the grain, the less smelly you can expect your Ofada rice to be.

Despite its pungent and overpowering odor, Ofada rice is a legitimate delicacy that is well worth giving a try.

Reasons Why You Should Try Ofada Rice

Here are a few reasons why you should consider adding Ofada rice to your staple foods.


Ofada rice offers a distinct and unique flavor that sets it apart from the vast majority of available rice strains. Its rich, earthy, nutty flavor is tinged with a bright note of sour fermentation, making it one of the most unique grain flavor profiles out there.


Pound for pound, Ofada rice is one of the most nutritious offerings in the rice world. It boasts exceptionally well on the glycemic index, meaning it doesn’t severely impact your blood sugar levels after consumption (this makes it a better option for diabetic patients). Additionally, Ofada rice is rich in fiber, as well as a ton of essential vitamins and minerals.


Ofada rice is highly versatile and can be used for a variety of savory and sweet dishes.

Cultural Significance and Sustainability

Ofada rice is a pillar of West African cuisine and has been prepared and enjoyed for countless generations. As such, it is a staple in the sort of traditional dishes that define Nigerian culture.

Moreover, the methods used to cultivate and harvest Ofada rice are far gentler and environmentally friendly than those used to produce more conventional strains of rice.

Get Rid Of Ofada Rice Smell And Give It A Try

Get Rid Of Ofada Rice Smell And Give It A Try

Ofada rice offers distinct flavor, enhanced nutrition, and cultural significance, making it worth your time despite its typically offensive smell. Thankfully, by following the simple method outlined above, you can easily remove the smell of Ofada rice and enjoy the many perks and benefits of this wonderful food.

Whether you’re looking to try a new exotic flavor profile or looking for an alternative that is healthier than white rice, Ofada rice should be on your list of things to try.