If you’ve ever cleaned with Clorox, you already know how strong, overpowering, and downright unpleasant its odor can be. What’s worse, the pungent, acrid smell often lingers long after you have finished cleaning.

If you are experiencing a strong smell of Clorox in your nose, you may have been exposed to too much of the harsh chemical.

A nose full of Clorox can lead to considerable discomfort due to irritation of the nasal passages and throat, potentially resulting in a number of symptoms that can range from mild to severe.

Fortunately, getting rid of the Clorox smell in your nose is far easier than you might think. Today, I’m going to discuss just what you need to do to get rid of it.

How To Get Rid Of Clorox Smell In Your Nose

The best way to get rid of the smell of Clorox in your nose is to move to a well-ventilated area immediately after you have finished using the cleaning product. The fresh air will get the smell of bleach from your nasal cavity.

Drink plenty of fresh water to help you flush out any residual sodium hypochlorite (Clorox’s active ingredient) from your throat.

Rinsing your nose with saline solution will also offer quick relief.

Next, you need to change your clothes because Clorox tends to cling to fabric fibers, which then go on to release the pungent aroma right into your nose.

Finally, take a shower if at all possible, as this will remove any remaining Clorox residue from your body and hair.

If, on the other hand, you find that the smell of Clorox is lingering inside your home, there are several things you can do to remove the smell of the bleach.

Get Rid Of Clorox Smell From Your Home

How To Get Rid Of The Smell Of Clorox From Your Home

To get the smell of Clorox out of your home you should open windows and doors to increase ventilation. You can also use activated charcoal or baking soda to absorb the airborne odor or spray the air with a solution of white vinegar, or essential oils to reduce the smell.

While these tricks may not completely get rid of bleach smell, they can certainly help to reduce it.

Due to the high potential to irritate, or worse, you should avoid exposure to Clorox as much as possible and wear protective gear such as rubber gloves, a face mask, and a long-sleeved shirt, when cleaning with the product.

Furthermore, it is important to always remember that exposure to harsh chemical compounds like those found in Clorox can be harmful to your health.

If you are experiencing ongoing symptoms or are concerned about the level of exposure to the Clorox smell you have had, consult with a healthcare professional or call your local Poison Control Center.

But what are the symptoms you should be looking out for?

Signs And Symptoms Of Clorox Smell Inhalation

Having a noseful of Clorox smell means that you are inhaling Clorox fumes, and inhalation of Clorox fumes can cause a range of signs and symptoms that can vary in severity and duration depending on your level of exposure, or how much Clorox you have smelled.

Here are the most common signs that you should look for:

  • Irritation to the eyes, nasal passages, and lungs, can result in blurred vision due to burning, itching, or watering of the eyes, as well as fits of coughing, sneezing, difficulty breathing, and chest tightness.
  • Lightheadedness, dizziness, and headaches that won’t go away. You may also experience bouts of disorientation.
  • Stomach discomfort, including stomachaches, nausea, and vomiting.
  • If your skin is exposed, you may also experience mild to severe skin irritation, or chemical burns.

Important Note: people with asthma are especially susceptible to experiencing respiratory symptoms if exposed to high levels of bleach fumes or chlorine gas.

Symptoms Of Too Much Clorox Fumes

If you or someone else that has smelled high levels of Clorox fumes are experiencing any of these symptoms, it is important to follow the tips above to get rid of the smell of Clorox and seek medical attention right away.

While cleaning with Clorox is not particularly dangerous if you follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully, in some cases, smelling Clorox fumes can lead to serious adverse side effects, so it is always best to err on the side of caution.

Getting Rid Of The Smell Of  Clorox In Your Nose and Home

The smell of Clorox can be overpowering and unpleasant, and its lingering odor can cause considerable discomfort, or worse.

Exposure to too many of the harsh chemicals typically found in Clorox can result in a variety of symptoms and adverse side effects, but, there are simple and effective ways to get rid of the bleach smell after cleaning. 

If you suffer from asthma or are particularly sensitive to bleach odor, it may be a good idea to avoid using Clorox altogether.