Birds make for excellent pets. They love to play, are friendly, and can be talkative too!

If you are wondering if birds smell bad or can stink up your home, this article will provide you with all the answers.

Do Pet Birds Smell Bad?

Different birds have different smells unique to their species, but they should not smell bad. The normal odor of your bird is minimal, and you won’t notice it unless you sniff them on purpose.

Reasons Why Your Bird May Smell Bad

If you do notice a bad bird smell in your house, it could be due to several reasons, including:

  • Poor Hygiene – If you do not bathe your bird or keep his cage clean, it will start to smell strong. While bird poop does not smell bad, it will develop a foul smell if you leave it uncleaned for a few days. The smell can often attach to the bird’s body and cause it to smell bad.
  • Hormones – Sudden changes in the hormone level of your bird can change its natural scent and even make it foul. When stressed or anxious, birds can give out a musky smell. Many birds also smell different during the mating season.
  • Health Issues – No illness will cause your bird to smell. But some health issues can cause their poop to smell bad. So, if you notice the bird poop smells anything out of the ordinary, you’ll know something may be wrong.
  • Diet – Your bird’s diet can affect the way they smell. They smell a lot like the last food they ate. If you notice your pet bird smell bad, feed them more fruits that should leave a pleasant fruity smell.
  • Bad Breath – While bad breath is not common among birds, they can still suffer from it. Crop problems can cause your bird to have bad breath and may need antibiotics. Certain disorders or infections can regularly lead to stinky breath in otherwise healthy birds.
Reasons Why Your Bird May Smell Bad

The good news is that there are ways you can get rid of the birds’ smell. All it takes is a little work. But, if you are very worried, it is best to take your pet bird to the vet to have them examined properly.

How Do You Get Rid of Bird Smell from Your Home?

To continue enjoying the company of your pet bird without worrying about the smell, follow these helpful tips:

  • Bathe Your Pet Bird – Birds need baths just like other pets. Even if your bird is not fond of bathing, it should be bathed often. It will help eliminate any bad smell commonly caused by bacteria and keep their skin and feather looking beautiful.
  • Proper Cage Maintenance – Even if you are maintaining your pet bird properly, you may be missing a crucial step. You need to keep the cage clean. Sweep underneath the cage each day as bird droppings, feathers, and other junk can accumulate.
  • Bird Odor Remover – Once you have cleaned the cage, you can use bird cleaner and deodorizer to get rid of the nasty smell still lingering around. The deodorizer can help continuously control odor and is very easy to use. These are made for birds and are perfectly safe.
  • Food Area Maintenance – Not cleaning your pet bird’s food and water dishes every day can become a major source of bird smell. Apart from water, wet food left unchecked can also stink if not cleared for a few days. It may even attract bugs.
Get Rid of Bad Bird Smell

After using the above tips for a couple of weeks, your home is sure to smell good and fresh!

How Do You Make Your Bird Smell Good?

To keep your bird smelling fresh use a deodorizer specifically meant for birds. Birds are sensitive to chemicals, so avoid using aerosol air fresheners or scented candles to mask their smell.

Even perfumes are toxic to their respiratory system. Toxins can easily travel into their airpipes and get absorbed into their bodies, causing them to fall ill or even die.

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In Conclusion

When your pet bird has a bad smell, you may be concerned about its health. Since birds do not emit bad odor, you should know there may be a problem when they do. So identify the source and take the steps above to reduce or remove any bad odors.

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