I’m sure that most pet owners will agree with me that while their pets are essential members of their household, the exposure musty smells so characteristic of most pets are one aspect of pet ownership they could live without.

Improving the quality of your home’s air can be a real challenge when you live with pets, especially if they are larger or if you have more than one.

There are dozens if not hundreds of products on store shelves meant to eliminate lingering pet odors, but if you’ve used them then you know that they rarely ever work as intended.

Eventually, the rank smell of urine and various organic compounds that are naturally released by your pets can become so strong and pervasive that your home becomes unpleasant to be in, with your furniture, bedding, carpet, and clothes smelling like animals.

Thankfully, there is a method that works, and it does so because it neutralizes the source of the problem instead of attempting to mask the smell as most other methods do. The trick is to use an indoor ozone machine to generate ozone gas to rid your home of nasty smells.

What Is an Ozone Machine?

To understand how ozone machines can help you remove unwanted pet smells from your home you first must understand how ozone machines work. And, to understand how ozone machines work, you must first know what ozone is, to begin with.

The air that you and I, and every other living being on this planet breathes is made up of, amongst many things, oxygen gas. Oxygen, which is 100% necessary for life, has two atoms.

Oxygen Molecule vs an Ozone Molecule

However, under certain conditions, oxygen atoms can group up in clusters of three instead of two. When this happens, the resulting molecule is no longer considered pure oxygen and is instead known as ozone.

One of the characteristics of ozone is that it oxidizes much more rapidly and efficiently than regular oxygen. As such, it is able to easily break down a host of organic compounds, as well as bacteria and mold.

Ozone machines are designed to create or generate ozone particles, through a couple of different methods that involve electricity or UV-rays, and output them into the surrounding air in a transparent deodorizing mist.

Can An Ozone Machine Remove or Control Pet Odor?

Yes. Ozone machines are great for removing pet odor from the air. Even if you have a stubborn pet smell that can not be eliminated completely, an ozone generator will go a long way towards reducing the odor.

How Do Ozone Machines Work To Remove Unwanted Pet Smells?

Regardless of how bad your pet smell problem is, using ozone machines is a perfect solution to quickly achieve a deodorized, disinfected, odor-free home.

Ozone Machines To Remove Pet Urine Smell

In most cases, results are ideal and near-instantaneous. This is due to the fact that even small ozone machines can quickly produce large concentrations of ozone particles that are disseminated through your home, effortlessly reaching every corner, nook, and cranny.

The air becomes entrenched with ozone molecules that interact and break down any odor-causing molecule that permeates your home.

Are There Side Effects To Ozone?

Yes. Inhaling ozone can cause harmful side effects for you or your pets.

That is why many ozone machines are meant to be used without your presence.

Common symptoms of ozone inhalation include eye, nose, and throat irritation, shortness of breath, chest pain, and coughing. So, if you or someone in your home experiences these symptoms in response to ozone machine use, you should stop immediately and seek medical attention.

However, the operation of ozone machines is completely safe and causes no adverse health side effects, as long as they are used properly and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

First of all, while most modern ozone machines are able to quickly produce large quantities of ozone particles, the concentration levels generated will not exceed public health standards.

Second of all, ozone machine manufacturers are explicitly clear about the recommended capacity of their devices. When you purchase an ozone machine, you will know exactly how large or small of a room they could safely use it in. For example, you should never use a machine recommended for a space up to 3,500 square feet in a room that is only half the size.

Finally, ozone machines do not leave behind any sort of chemical residue. Once the room is allowed to air out, the remaining ozone molecules quickly dissipate.

Advantages of Using An Ozone Machine To Kill Pet Odors

Ozone machines can help you eliminate all kinds of unpleasant odors, including pet smells, urine, cigarette or tobacco smoke smells, the musty smell of mold and fungus, the smell of vomit, rotten food, etc.

  • Ozone has been known to help eradicate environmental contaminants.
  • Ozone gas can reach otherwise inaccessible areas such as high ceilings, crawlspaces, ventilation systems, etc.
  • Ozone leaves behind zero potentially harmful chemical residues.
  • Ozone machines are allergy-friendly
  • Ozone machines are very easy to use and work exceptionally fast.

So whether you have a cat, dog, horse, or just someone in your home that smells like one, an ozone machine may be the perfect solution for eliminating or controlling the powerful, overwhelming odor.