The Skunk is perhaps the world’s most famous stinky animal, but it is far from being the only one. There are plenty of animals whose stench precedes them, and the wild hog is near the top of that list.

The wild hog, also commonly known as wild swine, wild pig, or wild boar, has one of the most widespread populations in the animal world. This means that, depending on where you live, running into a dangerously aggressive wild hog may be entirely possible. 

Thankfully, you will smell wild pigs long before you see them or they see you. This is important because learning to recognize the wild hog smell can be the difference between a nice day out and a horrible time. 

What Do Wild Hogs Smell Like?

The smell of wild hogs is a very pungent and extremely musky combination of a strong BO and wet-dog smell. Most people find the smell of wild hogs very offensive, and some people find it nearly unbearable.

The smell of wild hogs also has noticeable undertones of urine, feces, sweat, and fermentation. It gets stronger during the rutting season, which typically lasts between November and January. Male boars, which can weigh several hundred pounds, smell much worse than female sows. 

Unless you are hunting you are going to want to avoid these animals. If you ever find yourself catching a whiff of this particularly malodorous scent while out in the woods, you need to be extremely careful and follow the tips below.

You should be able to smell a boar in the wild

What To Do If You Encounter A Stinky Wild Hog

Wild hogs have been known to attack humans with extreme aggression and savagery. Although death by wild hog attacks is rare, many people are seriously injured by these animals every year. Therefore, you should follow these tips if you run into one.

As soon as you see or smell a wild hog, you need to start moving slowly away from the animal or the direction of the odors. Never, ever, attempt to pet or touch a feral hog.

Luckily wild hogs have very poor eyesight. If you are quiet, it is like you will see them be for they see you. Their poor vision might just give you the window you need to escape, so take advantage of it.

And If a Wild Hog Chases You?

If the animal charges you, be mindful of your footing. Do not turn your back on the charging hog. Doing so leaves you more exposed, and more likely to be knocked down where the hog can do more damage with its tusks.

A stinky warthog on the run

Do not try to outrun a wild hog. These animals are surprisingly fast and will likely outrun you.

If you are knocked down, try to grin and bear the attack. 99% of the time, wild hogs will stop attacking an unmoving victim.

Wild Hog populations are increasing yearly, so the chances of encountering one in the wild will only rise with time. 

Look out for the pungent stink of the wild hog and stay safe.