When you get into the world of cannabis, you know very well that it could get you into some trouble with the law and your neighbors. While over time it has begun to become accepted for recreational use, there is still resistance in some states.

That’s why grow tents (small indoor tents perfect for growing many types of crops discreetly) are a must. Of course, most growers are looking to grow cannabis plants.

While it can keep your plants hidden from sight, what about odor control?

Are Grow Tents Smell Proof?

While made of quality materials, grow tents are not completely smell proof and cannot fully hide the odor of your crops, as they need contact with the outside air to grow properly. Many factors cause smell to escape, such as the tent’s leakage points in the zipper and duct ports.

Another reason is the small ecosystem inside, which can generate odor-enhancing bacteria and fungi, usually caused by excess humidity if the grow tent is not sufficiently ventilated.

In addition, we cannot avoid the nature of plants, which in their flowering phase often give off odors whose degree of intensity depends on each person and their nose.

Let’s remember that cannabis, (which is probably the main reason for buying your grow tent), has one of the most recognizable smells in the plant world thanks to its high concentration of terpenes, although it is not impossible to mitigate this odor a little.

Mitigating The Smell Of Grow Tents

How To Mitigate The Smell Of Grow Tents

Carbon filters

One of the most commonly used methods to clear out the smell of plants being grown is activated carbon filters, which can eliminate strong odors from almost any environment, especially in the planting areas.

The adsorption method is quite simple and innovative because instead of the odor passing completely to the other side, it remains stuck on the porous activated charcoal sheet.

In addition, the effect can be enhanced with inline fans, which have their own filtration system that helps mitigate the smell of a grow room even more, even if you don’t have a tent, a carbon filter never hurts at home.

Odors Absorbing Gels

When dealing with cannabis odor, gel is a must. All you have to do is cover the walls inside the grow tent with this product, and the air will come into contact with the internal ecosystem, where the molecules of the gel will eliminate or at least control the smell.

Air Fresheners

Although it may seem a simple option, we cannot underestimate the power of air fresheners, as we have used them on more than one occasion to quickly disguise the bad odor we left in someone else’s bathroom. Admit it, we’ve all been there.

In the case of grow tents, spray air fresheners work to eliminate volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which are the organic substances that turn into vapors or gases, and are responsible for the smell. If you are exposed to them for a long time, it can cause health problems.

Air Purifiers

Again, in simplicity lies excellence. The air purifiers absorb the air particles and expel them cleaner than when they went in, so it is an excellent option to disguise the cannabis smell in your grow tents.

Just like carbon filters, air purifiers should be a mandatory device for every home, as they will make you breathe better in the long run by removing bacteria from the air.

Ozone generators

We finish the list with reliable ozone generators, which can mask odors by changing the chemical composition of particles or other gases in the air, making the air seem fresher and cleaner.

Just remember to keep it at a safe distance from the grow space, as plants do not get along well with ozone.

Climate Control In Your Grow Tent

When you grow plants indoors, they tend to get stressed very easily and lose strength, so it is vital to learn how to control the internal temperature and humidity levels to create something similar to their natural environment. This not only helps to control the odor but also to prevent the generation of pests and diseases in the crop.

Fortunately, most cannabis grow tents come equipped with a passive intake system, ducting that allows fresh airflow to pass inside through an inline exhaust fan. 

In part, that releases some odor, but it is indispensable for plants to grow without problems, and not for nothing there is a whole list of methods to deal with that.

Climate Control In Your Grow Tent

Final Thoughts On Making A Smell Proof Grow Tent

While there is no such thing as a smell proof grow tent, you can find tents specifically created to prevent odor seepage, so they are made of plastic and use aluminum foil as ventilation, but the reality is that even these products can not keep the smell from escaping, at least that of weed plants.

Therefore, be sure to place your grow tent in a strategic place with good ventilation as on the upper floor of a building, but if you live in a house, you can install it quietly in the basement, just keep in mind all the tips listed above. I assure you that they will work and you can have a wonderful yield in the tranquility of your home.