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Does Woodworm Smell?

Unexpected household smells are one of the surest signs that something may be wrong. And given the fact that an untreated woodworm infestation has the potential to compromise the structural integrity of your home, you must learn how to prepare.

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How To Use Scented Room Sachets

Few things beat getting home after a long day out and catching a delicious, soothing scent permeating your entire house. Imagine what it would be like if your home smelled of wild rose, sweet jasmine, fresh lavender, or any of a dozen other highly pleasant scents.

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Why Does Valerian Root Stink?

Valerian root, also known as setwall, all-heal, garden heliotrope, and simply valerian, has been used since ancient times to treat a variety of symptoms and conditions due to its strong sedative and anxiolytic effects.

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How To Get Rid Of Diaper Pail Odor

A stinky diaper pail can have you scrunching your nose and running after the air freshener. Thankfully, getting rid of diaper pail odor is far simpler than you might think. Just follow the fool-proof tips below.

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Are Stink Bugs Good Luck?

I’ve known for a long time that in many cultures around the world a wide variety of animals are known to bring good luck, prosperity, and success. This list is long and includes animals such as the horse, the rabbit, and the ladybug.

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What Does Calendula Smell Like?

If you are looking for a fragrant flower with a pleasant aroma to populate your flower garden, calendula is not a viable option. In fact, the recommendation is to not use calendula for this purpose due to its very particular aroma.

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What Does A Gas Leak Smell Like?

If you use natural gas for your gas range or gas-powered water heater, you should know how to recognize and detect a potential leak. Thankfully, doing so is rather easy and only requires that you pay attention to your environment using some common sense and your sense of smell.

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How To Get Rid Of Boxwood Smell?

If you’ve been smelling cat pee around your home but have yet to see the cat, a Boxwood shrub could very well be to blame. How can you tell, and, more importantly, how to get rid of the boxwood smell?

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Does Granite Absorb Odors?

If your kitchen has a granite countertop or flooring that is giving off an unpleasant smell don’t fret. There is plenty you can do to remedy the situation and get rid of the smell. Follow me below to learn how.

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How Long Does Drano Smell Last?

If you recently found yourself with clogged plumbing in your bathroom or kitchen and resorted, like most of us would, to purchasing some Drano to clear the obstruction, you are very likely wondering,

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