Fruity scents have been dominating the fashion industry and delighted millions of people for decades, and while many of them are remarkable, there is one that perfectly combines sweetness with tartness: strawberries.

The scent of strawberries is pleasing to many for several reasons, from natural to mythological.

The strawberry was the symbol of the goddess of love Venus because of its passionate red color and heart-like shape. There is even a legend that says that if you split a strawberry in half and share it with your loved one, you will be together forever.

I think it’s clear why this scent is so special, but now let’s get to the main question.

How To Smell Like Strawberries

To smell like strawberries, you can use perfumes or body lotions, but that won’t be enough if you want the strawberry smell to last all day long, so let’s go with a scent routine that combines several fragrant products.


The first step is to choose a good strawberry-scented shampoo like Suave Essentials, The Body Shop Strawberry Clearly Glossing Shampoo and Herbal Essences Rose Hips. 

To increase the duration of the smell in your hair you can braid your hair before going to bed and style it in waves without using heat. As for the braids, when you wake up and go outside, be sure to let your body loose so that you give off a realistic strawberry scent like a queen.

Strawberry-scented body creams

The second step of the routine is to apply body creams with the scent of that delicious fruit to keep that scent. For this one, we are going to dissect a few options for you to choose the one you like the most.

Strawberry and cream

Strawberry Body Butter – The Body Shop

Right after every bath or shower, apply some of this luscious fruity body butter that melts into your skin for a highly nourishing experience. 

Not only will it infuse you with a strawberry scent all day long, but it will leave your skin feeling quite silky and pleasant. It is an ideal solution for people with dry skin.

Strawberry Body Polish – The Body Shop

Since we are talking about baths, what better than exfoliating your skin with The Body Shop’s Strawberry Body Polish, a scrub made mostly with natural ingredients and of course, lots of strawberry essence? 

It perfectly combines with the previous product to leave your skin smooth and remove dead skin cells. 

Strawberry Body Yogurt – Genki

Let’s add some more sweetness to the mix with this body yogurt from Genki, ideal if you don’t like products as thick as body butter although it’s not as watery as generic lotions.

With a natural strawberry aroma that is so sweet and fresh that at times you’ll forget it’s a body lotion and want to eat it. Perhaps they should not have called it yogurt…

Fresh bowl of strawberries

Perfumes That Smell Like Strawberries

Of course,  the simplest way to smell like strawberries is to use strawberry perfume. Here are some great choices.

Mon Paris by Yves Saint Laurent

Yves Saint Laurent Mon Paris Eau de Parfum Spray

Red berries and pear exude sensuality and femininity in this Saint Laurent perfume (from Amazon). This modern and bold floral scent is balanced with creamy white musk and patchouli, giving you a touch that evokes a quiet evening on the streets of Paris.

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Valentina Pink by Valentino

Valentina Pink by Valentino

There is no way to forget the scent of someone wearing Valentina Pink. This perfume brings together many values of Italian and French, resulting in a blend of European cultures that will give you an elegant and delightful air.

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Miss Dior Cherie Eau de Parfum by Dior

Miss Dior Cherie by Christian Dior for Women

A truly feminine perfume, Miss Dior Cherie is sweet and charming thanks to its subtle and comforting scent. Its combination of strawberry and tangerine with floral aromas will impregnate you with such a warm aura that it will be impossible not to be comfortable by your side.

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Daisy Sunshine by Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream Sunshine Women

We end with a relatively recent perfume, Marc Jacobs Daisy Sunshine (from Amazon), popular for its notes of strawberry, violet, wild berries, and woody scents. In addition, it is quite long-lasting and you can be sure that its long trail will not make you go unnoticed.

Undoubtedly, a perfume that will make you smell good at important events.

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Strawberry Body Mist

There is nothing more practical than a body mist that you can carry all day in your purse and give it a spritz when you feel your strawberry scent is fading. That’s why it’s the fourth step in this routine.

Strawberries & Cream by Shasa

A glittery body mist with notes of strawberry and pineapple will infuse your skin with a luscious, bright strawberry ice cream scent.

Vanilla Strawberry

As the name suggests, it has notes of vanilla and strawberry that create a super sweet and tender aura.

Strawberry Swirl by Thinner

We finish with the most intense body mist that concentrates solely on strawberries, generating a very juicy scent.

Using Scented Candles

To finish off the routine, we have a step beyond the body care routine that, while optional, will help you infuse the strawberry fragrance into your environment.

It is as simple as purchasing or making your own scented candles for your room, and while you are covering yourself in in the best strawberry products, the scent of the candle will also add to your body.

Strawberry Scented Candles

Smelling Like Strawberries All Day

Wow, so much strawberry, but let’s face it, we can never have enough of these sweet and fruity care products.

I hope this yummy scent routine helps those who want to smell like strawberries 24/7 even if you don’t get all the products.

Just focus on a blend of strawberry shampoos, body creams, perfumes, lip balm, and body spray. That’s the perfect combination to make your whole body, environment, and vibe smell like strawberry.

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