I’ve known for a long time that in many cultures around the world a wide variety of animals are known to bring good luck, prosperity, and success. This list is long and includes animals such as the horse, the rabbit, and the ladybug.

What I didn’t know until very recently, however, was that for many people the stink bug is one of the most powerful and mystical symbols of good luck out there.

Is Finding Stink Bugs Good Luck?

Yes. To some, finding a stink bug is a symbol of good luck, well-being, and prosperity. In other cultures, stink bugs represent more than just good luck, but in reality, they could be a sign of a bigger problem.

This freaky-looking and foul-smelling creature is the last thing most people would think about when they thought of omens of good luck. But the world of insects is mysterious and so is this stinky little critter.

Follow me below to learn all about the enigmatic stink bug, and what it could potentially mean for your good luck when you run into one during your day-to-day activities.

What Does The Stink Bug Symbolize?

The stink bug is one of the most peculiar members of the insect world.

It is known for its pest-like behavior and for its ability to rapidly secrete a very strong and pungent odor from its abdomen. This quirky and annoying behavior is one of the bug’s most powerful defense mechanisms since most birds and lizards detest the smell.

What Does The Stink Bug Symbolize?

Stink bugs are generally less than an inch long and less than an inch wide, and have a characteristic and easily recognizable “shield” shape.

While most stink bugs are either dark brown or bright green, there are several species with widely different colorations, including red, copper, and black.

So, if you see a stink bug, what could it mean?

Stink bugs are seen as a symbol of perseverance. A stink bug sighting could then be interpreted as an exchange of energy or a call to press on and push forward with a particular endeavor. For these people, the stink bug is a source of inspiration and spiritual strength.

On the flip side, the meaning of a stink bug is more negative in some cultures. 

Given its ability to thwart attackers and predators, the stink bug has come to symbolize the ideals of protection and caution. This is the reason many people around the world do not associate the stinky critter with omens of good luck.

While the exact mystical definition of the stink bug varies from one place to another, some find that a visit from a stink bug can be interpreted as a warning to be careful with one’s dealings in life.

Are Stink Bugs Harmful To Humans?

Stink bugs can be a nuisance, especially if you are particularly sensitive to the coriander-like aroma of their defensive secretions. Some people have found that this stinky spray can irritate the skin upon contact, leaving behind a sort of mild chemical burn.

If there is contact with the eyes, there is a small chance of developing a painful condition known as keratitis, where the cornea becomes inflamed. Therefore, special attention should be taken when you run into these little critters.

Are Stink Bugs Harmful To Humans?

That being said, stink bugs will rarely interact with humans, and cases of severe harm, while rumored, have not been confirmed with any degree of certainty.

What’s The Lifespan Of A Stink Bug?

There are several different species of stink bugs, but they all have generally similar life cycles. This cycle has three different phases: eggs, nymphs, and adults.

Eggs take about 5 days to hatch. The transformation from nymph to adult takes about 5 weeks, and once complete the adult stink bug will live for around 8 months before dying of natural causes.

During the reproductive adult cycle, a single stink bug can lay close to 400 eggs.

What Do Stink Bugs In The House Mean?

Stink bugs are known to regularly invade homes, especially during the fall to escape the cold temperatures of the coming winter. They are often found under sidings, inside soffits, around windows and door frames, and lining the interior walls of chimneys.

So, what does it mean if you find a stink bug in your home?

If you believe in the mystical side of life, encountering a stink bug in your home may be interpreted in many beneficial ways. As a sort of warning or message to remain strong and true, or an exchange of energy to come.

Does One Stink Bug Mean More?

Stink bugs are rarely a nuisance and will leave you alone for the most part.

Does One Stink Bug Mean More?

If you see a stink bug inside your home, you should be aware that there are likely many more hiding throughout your home. There could be hundreds of stink bugs, if not more, tucked away in the warm corners of your home.

One house was found infected with over 20,000 individual stink bugs.

So, if you believe in the mystical symbolism of the stink bug, seeing one inside your home should be taken as a generous omen of good luck. If you are not such a free spirit, you may take it as a warning to call the fumigator.