If you are lucky enough to own a Basset Hound, then you know that this loveable, loving, energetic, and outgoing breed can get real stinky, real quick. But, have you ever wondered why?

Why Do Basset Hounds Smell So Bad?

Basset Hounds smell bad because their skin is naturally prone to excess oil production, which leaves these animals vulnerable to bacterial and fungal infections. These infections are often the cause of your dog’s somewhat offensive odor.

The infections are not always apparent. Additionally, due to their build, which is very low to the ground, and their long droopy ears, they get dirty very easily and more frequently than other breeds.

Smelly, Stinky, Basset Hounds

All dogs, regardless of their breed, have a natural scent that can vary between being very faint and very strong. This is completely normal and is used by dogs to socialize with one another. However, oftentimes dogs will emit stronger far more unpleasant odors caused by moisture between their toes, bad breath, anal secretions, etc.

Basset Hounds are one of a small group of dog breeds that are stinkier than most others.

One of the primary reasons why Basset Hounds smell bad is that their skin naturally produces high amounts of oil. While all dogs produce oil through their skin which acts as a protective layer against infection and other environmental hazards, Basset Hounds produce more than the average breed.

Smelly, Stinky, Basset Hounds

This excessive oil production makes their coat somewhat waterproof, but it also makes it very prone to infection. Especially because Basset Hounds have characteristic loose skin folds around their face, jowls, ears, and back.

The folds of a Basset Hound are highly prone to infection from bacteria, fungi, and parasites

These infections can cause your Basset Hound to produce foul odors. Be on the lookout for red and inflamed skin around your Basset Hound’s skin folds, as this is a sure sign of infection.

Another reason for your Basset Hound to work up a nasty stink is a gastrointestinal problem. These conditions, which affect the animal’s digestive and intestinal tract, can cause constipation, gastroenteritis, diarrhea, etc., which often results in foul-smelling vomit or runny stools.

Flatulence is another common side effect experienced by Basset Hounds with gastrointestinal issues. And if you’ve ever smelled a stinky Basset Hound fart, then you already know how awfully bad the smell can get.

Besides these, are there other reasons for your Basset Hound to smell bad?

Yes, there are a couple more factors that can affect how stinky your Basset Hound can get.

Other Reasons Your Basset Hound Might Smell

Basset hounds are especially vulnerable to ear infections. Basset Hounds have very distinctive long and floppy ears. These types of ears are naturally more prone to infection than shorter types because foreign objects and moisture can more easily become trapped within the ear folds.

Reasons Your Basset Hound Smells

As a result of these ear infections, excess wax and pus are produced which give off a foul-smelling aroma that can quickly become highly noticeable and even overpowering.

Finally, the Basset Hound breed has historically been prone to major health complications such as gastric torsion, thrombopathy, entropion, ectropion, glaucoma, and von Willebrand’s Disease. If your basset hound is smelling worse than usual, it could also be due to the medication you are giving it.

So, now that we know why your Basset Hound smells so bad lately, you’re most likely wondering what to do about it.

What Can Be Done To Get Rid Of A Basset Hounds’ Bad Smell?

Having a Basset Hound smell bad is quite common, as most Basset Hound owners can attest. Thankfully, there are a few things you can do to keep your Basset Hound from stinking up your home.

The first course of action you need to take when you begin to notice your Basset Hound smelling worse than usual is to consider its hygiene.

If you don’t already do so, you should establish a schedule to make sure your dog is as clean as possible at any given time.

Exactly how often you will need to bathe your Basset Hound can depend on a variety of factors such as where you live and how often your dog is exposed to exterior environments.

Make sure your cleaning routine includes brushing your dog’s teeth often, regular visits to the veterinary dentist, special attention when cleaning in and around their ears, and regular bathing.

What Can Be Done To Get Rid Of A Basset Hounds’ Bad Smell?

Their coat needs to be dried thoroughly after each bath, with regular brush sessions to keep as clean as possible.

You mustn’t overdo it, however, because cleaning your Basset Hound too much can easily lead to health complications.

Something I recommend is to use a baby wipe in between baths and cleaning sessions to keep your dog smelling fresh all the time.

Something else you can do is monitor your dog’s diet. If there have been any changes to what you feed your Basset Hound to coincide with a bad smell, it can be easily surmised that there’s a connection. Avoid feeding your doggie junk food, and make sure they drink plenty of water to prevent dehydration and bad breath.

Dealing with smelly Basset Hounds can be quite a difficult challenge, so don’t be afraid to reach out and get expert help. For that reason, I couldn’t recommend the following book enough. The Complete Guide to Basset Hounds (from Amazon) is an expertly crafted compendium of everything you need to know as a Basset Hound owner and enthusiast, from training tips and strategies to grooming and cleaning and care recommendations to help you keep your Basset Hound as healthy and clean smelling as it can be.

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