The Weimaraner is a highly appreciated dog, largely because of its stunning beauty, beautiful coat, and slender figure, but also because of its protective and familiar character and noble nature.

Because of its past as a hunting dog, it still has certain hunting instincts, but that does not prevent it from being an excellent house dog, smart, faithful, and good with children.

But like any breed, the Weimaraner can have a stinky dog smell depending on a number of different factors, from its health to its environment. Let’s find out the

Reasons Why Your Weimaraner Smells Bad

Athletic Dogs

Because of their hunting dog instinct, Weimaraners love to run long distances, so it is quite normal for them to sweat and smell so bad. They are also quite a stubborn breed, so it’s best to let them run and move around as much as they want as long as you are looking after hygiene.

Type of Coat

You should also take into account their skin and the length of their hair. The most popular Weimaraner breed are those with short, rough hair, although there are also variants with long, soft hair, which is mostly concentrated on their ears, tail, and lower body.

Each one has special care. For example, short-haired Weimaraners are more difficult to groom and owners may have a harder time removing their hair from clothes, sofas, carpets, and so on. Therefore, short-haired Weimaraners require much more brushing than long-haired Weimaraners.

It is important to groom your Weimaraner

Brushing and Bathing

Speaking of brushing, it’s more than obvious that it’s an important aspect to remove dead skin and keep your dog’s fur clean, which translates into less pet odor.

If you neglect brushing, your furry friend can develop skin infections, and cause a bad smell.

Likewise, you should bathe your pet at least once a month and make sure he gets used to it when he is a puppy because an adult Weimaraner who does not like to bathe can be quite problematic.

For this, make sure you use special shampoos for dogs and the length of their coat. In case your dog smells bad or has interacted with other dogs, it is best to bathe them immediately but if you must do it constantly, use a quality shampoo without preservatives or sulfates so that your dog’s skin and coat will not dry out.

If your Weimaraner doesn’t enjoy bathing too much or you don’t have time that day, you can resort to a dry shampoo, which removes dirt and body odor.

In some cases, it will be necessary to rub a little by hand or with a towel to finish removing all the dirt. Just keep in mind that this is a more superficial cleaning and conventional baths are best.

Dental Problems

Dental problems tend to be quite common in Weimaraners, and the accumulation of dental plaque and tartar not only causes bad breath but is a threat to their health.

It is best to start dental hygiene as soon as your Weimaraner is 6 months old and has replaced their puppy teeth with permanent teeth, but it is never too late for proper dental cleaning.

You should brush their teeth several times a week and help strengthen them with nylon bones and special food for that problem.

If your Weimaraner has major dental problems, it is best to make an appointment with the veterinarian for a thorough cleaning and a cleaning routine.


In cases where a Weimaraner suffers from itching and redness of the skin, apart from a bad odor, it is quite likely that it is a skin infection, a very common condition in this breed.

The main thing is to identify what element in the environment is causing the allergy, but in the meantime, you should treat your dog with hypoallergenic shampoos that are perfect for sensitive or allergic skin.

Those products will keep their skin layers clean and prevent the allergy from getting worse. Of course, the best way to eradicate it is with a veterinarian.

Cleaning Paws And Nails

Being such an energetic breed, Weimaraners will spend most of their days running and having fun outdoors, but that also means they will absorb a lot of dirt and worse, bacteria.

That’s why it’s vital to maintain a constant cleaning schedule for their paws with special dog wipes, which will keep their pads healthy, moisturized, and smelling good.

The nails are related to this issue, because if they are too long they tend to accumulate dirt and hinder your dog’s walk.

Weimaraners naturally have short nails because of their constant outdoor adventures, but if your dog is more of a homebody, try to trim or at least file his nails regularly.

Ear Infection

As you well know, Weimaraners have droopy ears, so they do not have good ventilation in that area and often generate infections. For this reason, there must be no excess hair in their ears and ear canals.

If your dog constantly shakes his head, scratches his ears or his ears have an unpleasant smell accompanied by abundant earwax, it is indicative that he has an ear infection.

Since the ears are quite delicate, it is best to have a veterinarian show you the correct way to clean them.

Anal Glands

You probably already know this but as with most dogs the smell may be coming from their anal glands and it can often be confused for flatulence. If you suspect this is the issue causing your weimaraners smell,  you can take them to the vet to have their anal sacs drained.

A clean and healthy Weimaraner

Getting Rid of The Dog Smell For Good

There are still other issues to be addressed, such as flatulence and diet, but this list covers the main odor-related problems of your Weimaraner and how to solve them. 

As you can see, Weimaraners are a demanding breed when it comes to hygiene, but it is usually an issue directly related to their health, so don’t wait to get these issues corrected. Besides, who doesn’t want their Weimaraner to look and smell majestic?